About MediSKY Technologies

MediSKY for Patients

Our Radiology Accountability Solution provides a unique method of improving patient care while driving down health care costs

MediSKY Technology's Radiology Accountability Solution will significantly reduce duplication, fraud and excessive utilization in radiology, meaning approximately 40 percent of all x-rays, PET scans, CT scans and MRIs could be eliminated. Patients will see an improved health care experience without the stress of constant imaging.

Approximately 60,000 cases of cancer have been caused by excessive exposure to radiation. With the tremendous reduction in imaging taken due to the Radiology Accountability Solution, patients will have dramatically lower exposure to cancer causing radiation.

MediSKY Technologies' Radiology Accountability Solution significantly lowers the costs of radiation as fraud, duplication and excessive utilization is virtually eliminated. Patients are no longer forced to pay co-payments on images and scans that are unnecessary in MediSKY Technologies' platform. In addition, many of the cost savings can be transferred to the consumer.

As soon as the patient's feet hit the floor, the health care provider can view images in diagnostic quality regardless of affiliation with a hospital or radiology center. There is no downloading large files and the images are not subject to degradation during the transfer process. There is no waiting for images to be couriered to the provider. In all, it allows providers to make instant diagnosis and move to curing issue quicker.

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