Medisky Technologies
for health plans

To put it simply, we save health insurance companies millions.

Using our first of its kind Radi­ology Account­ability Sol­ution, carriers have instant access to radi­ology images as they are taken, preventing fraud­ulent claims, duplicative procedures, and excessive util­ization.

Enhance Your Bottom Line

MediSKY Technologies' Radiology Accountability Solution saves insurance carriers signif­icantly by virt­ually elim­inating dupli­cation, fraud and excessive use. Every time an imaging pre-authorization is requested, your pre-auth personnel can check MediSKY's centralized database and immed­iately have the infor­mation needed to make a decision to preauthorize the procedure or not.


Eliminating Radiology Fraud

With MediSKY Technologies' Radiology Accountability Solution, you'll virtually eliminate fraudulent radiology claims. MediSKY serves as a central­ized repos­itory for all of your patients' radi­ology imaging, provid­ing each patient with a unified radiology record reaching across all health­care pro­viders.  Our solution interfaces with a health plan's claims data, and using our pro­prietary algo­rithms, MediSKY matches each radiology claim to its imaging, flagging fraudulent claims.

Confidence in Pre-Authorization

MediSKY Technologies' Radiology Accountability Solution gives your person­nel the information they need to make accurate and confident decisions on pre-author­izations. Our inno­vative sol­ution provides a compre­hensive database of a patient's prior imaging, and instant access to that imaging. After pre-author­ization submission, person­nel can inspect the radi­ology history in a matter of seconds.

Eliminating Imaging Duplication

MediSKY Technologies' Radiology Accountability Solution provides instant access to all radi­ology images as they are being taken. This means the trad­itional 30 to 60 days between pre-author­ization and billing is elim­inated. At any time, your claims and pre­auth person­nel can review recent or archived imaging, determine if appro­priate imaging already exists and inform the provider.

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