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Streamline Budgets by Eliminating Fraudulent, Duplicative and Excessive Imaging

MediSKY Technologies ensures you meet new federal and state standards for delivering health care, improving your outcomes and saving dollars.

Eliminating Fraud and Duplication

MediSKY Technologies' Radiology Accountability Solution allows insurance com­panies, health care pro­viders and radiologists to eliminate fraud, excessive utilization and duplication in radi;ology. Our techno­logy provides instant access to images as they are taken, pro­vides fraud alerts, and allows access to diag­nostic qual­ity images from any device.

Satisfy EMR Requirements

MediSKY Technologies' Radiology Accountability Solution provides signif­icant storage cap­abilities and uni­versal real-time access to diag­nostic radi­ology images and scans stored on on our enter­prise-level, HIPAA-compli­ant, kernel-based cloud comput­ing plat­form spanning multi­ple secure data centers, designed by a former CIO to multi­ple HMOs and consult­ant to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Improved Patient Outcomes

Using MediSKY Technologies' Radiology Accountability Solution will help health care providers achieve better outcomes - a primary focus of health­care reform. Health­care providers will be able help patients quicker, have the infor­mation they need to diag­nose, avoid insur­ance delays, and help meet five-star standards.

Saving Taxpayer Dollars

Every year, approx­imately $1 billion is stolen from the United States tax­payers as a result of fraud­ulent imaging claims in Medicare alone. Using the MediSKY Technologies Radiology Accountability Solution, Medicare carriers will be notified of virt­ually all fraudulent activities, stopping it before the fraud takes place or costs money - saving the country billions.

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