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Fighting Fraud

Healthcare Fraud in America

As you can imagine, healthcare fraud is one of those perennial problems that is difficult to put an estimate on. Its permutations and execution are varied and complex. It can range from something as simple as kickbacks for referrals, to coding for procedures that were never performed. According to the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association, the official amount of outright fraud in healthcare is as much as 3 percent of the total amount spent on healthcare - or $68 billion per year. The association also says that it believes the number could be as high at 10 percent or $226 billion every year.

Imaging costs

In 2006, the U.S. Government Accountability Office reported that spending in Medicare radiology imaging alone was at $14 billion for 2006 and doubling every six years. In 2012 numbers, that's $28 billion spent on x-rays, CT scans, MRIs, PETs and more in just the Medicare realm. Medicare accounts for 14 percent of health care spending in the United States, pushing overall estimated radiology imaging to more than $400 billion spent nationwide annually.

The cost of imaging fraud

Using the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association's 3 percent estimate for health care fraud, that amounts to over $13.2 billion in fraud in the radiology industry alone. In Medicare alone, an estimated $1 billion is stolen from the U.S. taxpayers each year through radiology fraud.

Something must be done.

MediSKY Techologies presents the first Radiology Accountability Solution

MediSKY Technologies' Radiology Accountability Solution is the first suite of technologies specifically developed to preemptively and proactively combat radiology fraud. 

Why spend one more day wasting millions of dollars paying claims on duplicative, fradulent and excessive images? Our Radiology Accountability Solution virtually eliminates that waste, making your company stronger for no up-front investment costs.

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