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for accountable care organizations

Our Radiology Accountability Solution helps ACOs reach their goals

MediSKY is bringing Accountability to Radiology.  MediSKY's revolutionary solution empowers Accountable Care Organizations to control radiology costs and improve patient outcomes, all while meeting the requirements of health care reform.

Accountability to Drive Down Costs

MediSKY Technologies' first of its kind Radiology Accountability Solution signif­icantly cuts costs by virt­ually elimi­nating fraud, dupli­cation and excessive util­ization in radiology. No more paying for imaging that wasn't taken. No more paying for a dupli­cate image because the first image is unavail­able. No more gues­sing whether addi­tional imaging is clinic­ally indi­cated.  Our inno­vative techno­logy drops the ACO expense line dramat­ically.

Better Patient Outcomes

MediSKY Technologies' Radiology Accountability Solution gives ACOs a serious tool to improve patient out­comes, a signif­icant require­ment imposed by state and federal regu­lators. Our inno­vative techno­logy empowers physicians to instantly view diag­nostic quality imaging from any­where, without these large files ever having to leave our secure, HIPAA-compliant data centers.

Intelligence to Curb Expenses

MediSKY Technologies' Radiology Accountability Solution empowers your cost containment person­nel by providing a compre­hensive, up-to-the-second data­base of a patient's prior and current imaging, and instant access to that imaging. After pre-author­ization submission, person­nel can inspect a patient's radi­ology history in a matter of seconds.

Enhance Your Medical Infrastructure

MediSKY Technologies' Radiology Accountability Solution allows ACOs to build a sub­stantial portion of their medical infra­structure with no upfront costs and no long-term data storage fees. Our suite of pro­prietary techno­logies is powered by an enterprise-level, HIPAA-compliant, kernel-based cloud computing platform spanning multi­ple secure data centers, designed by a former CIO to multi­ple HMOs and consulant to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

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